8 Daily Job Moods You Can Easily Relate To If You Work In An Office

5:02 pm 2 Mar, 2015

It’s said our work is our life and our life our message to the world. However, for people who couldn’t find or engage in the job in which they love doing, the work and the day, and every working-day, is but a curse for them. But for those, who do what they love and love what they do, every work and day is but a joyride for them. Boring has just no place there really for them, literally. Scrolling down this article will make you relate how you are to your work and at work on any given day in a week and will make you smile thinking of.

1. Monday or Moan-day

What a f*****g time, day!


2. Tuesday or Tears-day


3. Wednesday or Wish-day


4. Thursday or Thirst-day


5. Friday or Fed-up-day

Fed-up day

6. Saturday or Shouting-day


7. Sunday or Salvation-day


8. Sunday night or Sadder-night

Monday office


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