Dadar Market Is Decked With Colorful Umbrellas To Greet Customers During The Monsoons

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11:27 pm 17 Aug, 2016

In Mumbai’s central district lies Dadar, a residential and shopping area and transit hub. In Marathi, “dadar” means “ladder”, which emphasizes the area’s importance as a connecting link between main Mumbai and surrounding islands in the past.

During the days of the flourishing cotton mills of Mumbai, Dadar housed keys mills like Bombay Dyeing, Gold Mohur Mills, Kohinoor Mills and Tata Mills. Over the years, the old Iranian restaurants and traditional buildings of Dadar have given way to newer creations.

Dadar in monsoon


Dadar Market has become an important shopping destination for Mumbaiites as well as those who come from satellite towns. Once Dadar Market used to supply vegetables to the whole of Mumbai and though its clientele has decreased over the years, it is still the heart of Dadar. For Dadar Market, it was once said that one could get anything and everything over there.

Dadar Market changes its look with the seasons. As monsoon rains pour over the city, Dadar Market has colorful umbrellas hanging above its pathways, providing a charming though incomplete respite from the rain.


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