A Cyclist’s Wishlist: 5 Thrilling Cycling Routes In West Bengal

Updated on 20 Aug, 2014 at 9:45 am


Cycling is a wonderful way of discovering new places which is also very good for health. Mornings are the best time of the day when you can take out your cycle and go for a long ride. The constant peddling keeps your body fit and fine and without much damage to the environment in terms of polluting gases. West Bengal allows for great cycling routes which are just the right measurement for bicycles and bikes to work. And you will love to look at the wonderful views from all sides and discover the beauty of the state and the cities and villages within. Here are five of the best cycling routes in West Bengal which you will love to explore:

5. Patelnagar to Sainthia Station

This is an extremely beautiful track of road which is a sight if you haven’t seen it before. This road takes you from a small township known as Patelnagar in the district of Birbhum to Sainthia Railway Station. The path is not much undulating and mostly consists of plain roads where you can take your cycle to. The sides consists of vast stretches of land (cultivated or uncultivated) with occasional stray domestic animals here and there. During winters you will be able to see the river Ajay, which almost evaporates during summers. The drive will take approximately about 2 hours and 45 minutes. The best idea would be to leave home at dawn and return before the sun reaches overhead. A breath of fresh air and the sound of silence – you will get it all!

Patelnagar to Sainthia Station

4. Darjeeling to Yuksom


This will not be plain land; it will be way undulating than the first route. The roads are at a greater altitude and will demand greater effort in cycling from you. You have to start from Darjeeling and stop at Pelling which will take approximately a 2 hour 14 minute drive. You can either rest there for sometime or carry on with the drive. Approximately an hour’s drive will take you to Yuksom. Some breathtaking views of the hilly areas of Northern Bengal will be awaiting you here. You must check out the points from where the mountain peaks are visible. Pelling city is a wonderful place and you can enjoy wonderful views of the hills. There could be nothing better than this in Bengal. A must ride route for all you cycle lovers.

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Darjeeling to Yuksom

3. Jhalda to Mukutmanipur

This is a beautiful trip, which will take you through the beautiful districts of Bankura and Purulia. These are famous for their greenery and beautiful weather. You can either plan a long trip where you need to halt at certain locations or reach your destination at one go. I would advise you to halt at some of the places for a quick meal or maybe the night. Jhalda and Mukutmanipur are very beautiful places full of brilliant landscapes. From Jhalda you have to reach Ajodhya and then Charidah; and then from Pakhi Pahar to Mukutmanipur. The last stretch is the most beautiful one filled with natural diversity.

Jhalda to Mukutmanipur

2. Siuri to Tarapith Mandir

This is also a beautiful road. Tarapith Mandir is one of the most visited temples in West Bengal and hundreds of followers visit everyday. Located in the district of Birbhum, this route is formed of plain lands and you will be able to see huge thick green jungles on both sides of the road. It is a wonderful sight which you must not miss out. But don’t worry the jungle is harmless. There is also a crossroad which comes in between and you have to take the right one. This will take about four hours and you can take a rest at nearby stalls and tea-shops. The greenery everywhere will refresh you a great deal. But, leave home at dawn to avoid the heat of the sun.

Siuri to Tarapith Mandir

1. Darjeeling to Siliguri

This is going to be another beautiful and memorable tour for you. Darjeeling you already know to be a beautiful place and Siliguri too is likewise one of the most beautiful places in Bengal. Firstly you have to reach Mirik starting from Darjeeling and then from Mirik to Siliguri. The road is one of the most beautiful even in India. The view from the sides is breathtaking. You must halt at Mirik since the temperatures are warmer and offers pleasant climate. Resume your journey after a small halt. The difference in temperatures might be a problem but you will be able to adjust.


Darjeeling to Siliguri

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