Horrifying Selfie Of This Cute Couple Is Freaking Out The Internet

7:55 pm 12 Dec, 2017


We see all around in today’s world people flaunting their relationship statuses and photos of their loved ones, showing off their hotel suites, posting pictures of the latest phones they’ve bought and what not on social media. True, we are living in an era where almost everyone wants the world to know what they’ve been up to by showcasing everything on social media platform. But who knew a very nominal selfie from one of the many couples who often post their pictures online turned out to be very bizarre?

Whether real or not but this cute couple’s selfie, which initially looked like any other, has turned out to be one of the creepiest of all.



Like any boy or girl in today’s generation who often expresses their love and care for their loved one or better halves on social media platform, a guy by name Andy has posted this adorable selfie with his girlfriend on Twitter. In the post, he claimed that he loved her even if she is a Gemini.

This is what he posted on his Twitter account:



Forget about the caption on the tweet, did you notice anything different in the photo? Well, maybe it’s just a photo-shopped one to intrigue others, or real who knows, but the photo has left the Tweeple in splits with many users rushed in to express their opinions on the couple’s photo.

Take a look at how people reacted to this creepy selfie:









Some really got scared of what they have noticed on the selfie photo.






And some realized it very lately.




So, what do you see and what have you got to say on this creepy selfie?