Kolkata Man Called Flipkart To Complain, But Instead Got BJP Membership

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1:23 pm 29 Jun, 2018


Flipkart’s customer care number is the ticket to BJP prime membership. Yes, you read that right! In a bizarre case, a Kolkata man dialed up the Flipkart helpline number to complain about receiving a wrong order but received an SMS to join Bharatiya Janata Party instead.

The man ordered two sets of headphones from Flipkart but received an oil bottle from the company. The furious customer called the number that was printed on the package to file a complaint. The call got disconnected after the first ring following which he received an SMS to join the political party.


According to NDTV, the man was about to redial the number when he received an SMS that began with ‘Welcome to BJP’ and offered him its prime membership. Sadly, it wasn’t a coincidence. He and his friends got the same result even after dialing the number several times.

Take a look at the SMS he received:


It soon got cleared that the number belongs to BJP and one can call on it to become a member of the political party. He later got the correct customer care number and filed his complaint.

Bengal BJP has refused to have any connection with the Flipkart package. Talking about the incident, Dilip Ghosh, the state BJP chief said:


“The BJP number is on the website, on Facebook. Anyone can share it. You can also share it. That’s not our responsibility.”


The customer soon received a call from the company’s customer care. Talking about the wrong order they said:

“Please use the oil sent to you accidentally. Or throw it away. We are sending you the headphones. Sadly, we have only one pair at the moment. We can only give that one. We will refund your money for the other set.”


The portal also claimed that the initial number dialed by the customer does not belong to Flipkart anymore.

“The phone company must have just re-allotted the number, as is done when a number has been surrendered and there is no activity for six months.”


It’s not the first time when Flipkart has delivered a wrong item. Have you ever experienced the same ever?