We Are Here! Curiosity Rover Shows That Earth Is Merely A Tinge In The Eyes Of Universe

10:00 pm 8 Feb, 2014


From 100 million miles away, planet earth looks nothing but an insignificant miniscule spot in the infinite universe. This time it isn’t Pale Blue Dot because the latest images has been transferred by NASA’s Curiosity Rover, direct from the surface of Mars. After taking the picture, Curiosity Rover tweeted from its official account: https://twitter.com/MarsCuriosity/status/431509044042272768 earth-from-mars The image, which was taken on Curiosity’s 529th Martian day by its ‘left eye camera’, reminds us the thought provoking alien view of Carl Sagan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nl5dlbCh8lY Credit: mxpxmx3x  Read on NASA’s website for more details 

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