13 Things You Face When You Have A Die Hard Crush On Your Senior

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2:10 pm 10 Sep, 2015

Whether it’s your school, college or your work place, you can always find a super hot senior for yourself to have a crush on. In schools and colleges things seem easy to get over it as the extent of having a crush does not exceed the limit. But, if it’s your work place, I must warn you – you are in trouble.

You just cannot ignore them, avoid them or anything else. The problem here is that you have to face them whether you want it or not. Hence, it gets impossible to get over this crush thing and you get crushed under it every time.

1. In the initial stages you try to avoid it and try to call it normal.

“Oh, it’s just another crush. Nothing to worry about. I’ll get over it in a day or two.”


2. Every time they call your name, you feel the “pull”.

You just cannot avoid looking at them. Knowingly or unknowingly your concentration shifts towards them.

3. Each night after going to bed you promise yourself  to stop this crush from next day forward.

Which you obviously fail to commit to. You end up feeling the same stupid thing within.


4. Your heart and brain are on war day and night.

Brain – “Hey, get over it he is your boss?”

Heart – “Oh no! Look he is so hot!”


5. Your eyes will get stuck at their cabin’s door.

Your crush is gonna find you creepy!


6. Every time you look at them, you fall for them more and more.

Well, yeh to hona hi tha!


7.What if they call you for a meeting?

Ab kuch nahi ho sakta! Tum to gaye. You are just trapped. At one point you feel happy that you are getting time to spend with them. Another point is that there is a khatra of getting caught!


8.God forbid, but you tremble the moment they pass by you.

Yes, the vibrating mode gets on!


9.You just cannot look into their eyes and speak.

Major problem is this that if you do such a thing, you will end up blushing.


 10. You forgets the basic rules of your language, whenever you are supposed to talk to them.

Tenses, verbs, nouns etc… sab gaye pani mein.


11. You end up asking silly questions to them.

“Ghoomne chalein?” Dude you are not suppose to say this while talking to your senior.


12. If by any chance you see them talking to some other colleague, jealousy takes over.

You want them back. BACK to your cubicle and hence you start finding ways to call them back.


13. Back to square one! Point one reload.

Yes, there is no other way out apart from avoiding them. Meeting them has become a part of your routine. Either leave your job or learn to live with it.

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