20 Things You Go Through When You Have A Major Crush On Your Teacher

5:00 pm 1 Jul, 2015

Many ‘young’ teachers are entering the teaching profession and students can’t help but be happy. All through your schooling and college times, you must have had at least one crush on a teacher. It’s but natural, and good for health. You know? Like yoga!

Here are a few things you go through when you have a ‘major’ crush on your teacher.

1. You remember the time and the period in which the teacher comes to class.


2. And when she comes in as a substitute, ‘Sone pe Suhaga.’


3. You can stare at the blackboard as long as you want.


4. You don’t mind roaming about in the school just doing his work.


5. You strive to get into the team or activity the teacher heads in.


6. Well, you’ll try, definitely. But you just cannot concentrate in class.


7. You go through all the ‘favourite student’ comments by your friends.


8. You happily take your parents to meet her at the PTA meetings.


9. You have that slight ray of hope, of having a future with her.


10. You always sit upright to answer their question in class.


11. A slight glance of the eye at the staff room is a must when he is in it.


12. Always sitting as close as you can from the teacher.


13. You feel excitedly-awesome when they look at you.


14. You secretly stalk them on Facebook and Twitter.


15. You always have doubts only in one subject, theirs.


16. You always have something special prepared for them on Teacher’s Day.


17. The ‘Teacher-student relationship clause’ breaks your heart.


18. Her shouting is music to your ears and her angry stare is sultry.


19. Ah! Field trips. That’s secretively a date for you in your mind.


20. You wait for him to ask you a question, that’s like a lottery.



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