9 Things That You Will Experience On A Cruise

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10:00 am 2 Nov, 2015


Are you bored of that monotonous life and hectic work schedule? Do you crave change? Then you should go on a cruise. Yes, nothing can be better than an experiencing a cruise. It will be a lifetime memory for sure! Here are some fantastic reasons that can tempt you to be on a cruise and experience the adventure…


1. You can just be yourself. No one judges you on-board.

Dress like neon robots for H2GLOW parties or make the most noise during a raucous round of Deal or No Deal. Just feel free to be weird and amazing.



2. It’s heaven for food!

You get to eat whenever, wherever, and however you want on many cruises. Though you might want to make sure of that before you book a seat.


3. You can chuck that social life and virtual world. Go off grid and feel the reality.

Learn how to play blackjack in the casino or take a tour of Mayan ruins in Mexico. Things you just can’t sum up in a 140-character tweet.


4. There is something special about watching a Broadway Show at sea.

Don’t be surprised if they bring you on stage. Rock of Ages with professional actors will give you some amazing theatrical experience.


5. You’ll be amazed at the creativity they accomplish with towels.

One of the most delightful surprises you can get on-board is seeing a fluffy swan delicately placed on your bed or a playful monkey hanging from your closet.


6. Cruising is considered to be a culture.

Some cruisers make it their goal to experience every ship and port out there. There are people in this world who never travel except by cruise ship.


7. You can encounter some amazing photographers.

There is always a  photo-shoot area with the backdrops that change daily and range anywhere from a tropical rain-forest to outer space.


8. You can do everything and nothing at all!

Sit on the beach in Cozumel with a book in your lap, or just sing along to 80s and 90s hits at the dueling piano show. Howl at the moon on a cruise line. No one will think you are wasting time.


9. Your travel book will be filled with names of different places you have visited.


Places like Hawai will let you explore  snorkel with turtles in Kahului, and discover hidden waterfalls in Kona, etc. Less money and time as compared to flights you take to travel.

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