Schools Don’t Teach These 10 Crucial Skills That Can Help Organize Your Life

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Updated on 29 Aug, 2018 at 4:24 pm


Didn’t schools tell you to learn from your surroundings and not rely on books alone? But they practiced the opposite. You need these skills to have a better personal and professional life.

1. Network with older students or be a connector between two people.

That will help you forge lasting relationships and serve you professionally. Go find your tribe.

2. Learn to manage your money now.

Open an account at and learn the process, and read financial blogs like The Billfold and The Financial Diet.

3. Turn your passions into multiple careers.


So, I am a writer-slash-musician. You could be a coder-slash-painter. There are professional players working as accountants, consultants, etc.

4. Learn to trust your instincts.

If you feel joining a dance class will help you become slim, do it. Don’t ponder over for long.

5. Chilling out is important for longevity in career.

Don’t tire your body and mind over tomes of notes. Take rest, meditate, have a day to yourself, and try to limit screen time.

6. Draw inspiration from those who bounced back in life.

Not everyone has a smooth life. There are many who have had their downs but emerged stronger than before. Learn from them.

7. Be a good life partner and find someone as good as you.

Your professional life depends as much on your personal life as it does on your performance. Build a loving and lasting relationship with your partner.

8. Learn to negotiate for your own good.

See if you can make the owners of the website where your write to pay you a little more. Successes in negotiation will boost your confidence and motivate you.

9. Master house-cleaning and cooking skills.

It is always advantageous to learn these skills as they can bail you out in crisis situations.

10. Travel to different places.


Go out of your town…anywhere. Your travelling experience will teach you more than your college can. Learn a new language, if possible.

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