Twitterati Question Report On Indian Army’s ‘Cross Border Operation’ Across LoC

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2:13 pm 22 Sep, 2016

A report in the Quint published on Thursday claimed that the Indian Army conducted a cross border operation across the LoC on the intervening night of September 20 and 21.

The report claimed that two units composed of 18-20 soldiers Indian Army special forces 2 Para flew with helicopters across the LoC into Pakistan.

There the soldiers killed at least 20 terrorists in three different terror camps. The report went so far as to claim that the casualty could be as high as 200.

The report was sensational and attracted considerable attention on social media, where its veracity came under question.


While the commentators focused on the danger such a revelation puts our armed forces in, Minhaz Merchant added this:


Following the response, Quint posted this on Twitter in which they claimed that their sources have reconfirmed what they have published and that they stand by their story:


But this “stand by” was not received well, too:


Again, doubts were raised on the veracity of the story.


The Times of India published a report stating that their sources in the Army denied the report in the Quint.

Whatever be the versions, this guy just nailed it!


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