Cristiano Ronaldo Has Not Yet Apologised For This Picture In Which He Insults The Buddha

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3:48 pm 24 Oct, 2016

An example of the hypocrisy of our times can be seen from this photo posted by football legend Cristiano Ronaldo.

As you can obviously see, his right foot rests on the base of an idol of Lord Buddha. And he is wearing his shoes. The photo, which was also posted on his Instagram account, offended many of his fans from around the world.

Here are the responses the picture got on Facebook. (The comments are in the order as they appear from the top.)

Even a Muslim fan is upset with Ronaldo.


The photograph was taken on October 20. It has been four days since and some media houses reported on the furore it caused on social media.

Yet Cristiano hasn’t issued an apology for hurting the sentiments of his Buddhist fans. Also, in spite of the backlash, the Real Madrid star hasn’t taken down the photograph.

And this shows the hypocrisy of our times – some religions can be insulted easily while some cannot.

A section of the liberals from around the world will jump to the defence of some religions and even violent followers of such faiths. They’d publically humiliate and might even bay for the blood of anyone who insults the religion they choose to defend. But no, they won’t condemn Ronaldo for disrespecting the Buddha.


Martin Puddy/Stone

Martin Puddy/Stone

Cristiano Ronaldo’s obviously shameful act did not send ripples across the elite section of the media which dominates the discourse because he insulted Buddhism – unarguably the only religion that genuinely preaches non-violence.

The Portugal skipper can be pardoned for he might have unintentionally did what he did. But the silence of the international media and those intellectuals who oppose disrespect of religions is unpardonable.

Thankfully for the world no Buddhist will go on an arsonist spree, no Buddhist will call for violence against Ronaldo, and no Buddhist religious body will call for a ban on the footballer.

All that Ronaldo has had to incur in the wake of the controversy is a few less fans, who wrote that they are unfollowing him on social media for causing this disrespect.


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