Cops Say Crimes In Delhi Have Gone Down By 25-70%, But People Have A Different Story To Tell

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11:35 am 22 Oct, 2018


Delhi enjoys the dubious distinction of being the crime capital of India. Everyday there are many stories that somewhere in Delhi, murder has been done, a girl has been raped, robbery or theft done, or some people sexually harass girls and ladies. As per Delhi Police, there has been a tremendous dip in crime rate in the capital. Various crimes have seen a significant downfall by 25-70 per cent.

As per the figures, a total of 1,639 cases of rape were registered till September 30 in comparison to 1,673 rapes reported last year in the same time period. Whereas molestation cases have reduced from 2610 cases last year to 2535. Even the robbery and snatching cases have reduced by 41 per cent.




The Delhi police are yet to confirm whether the released data includes the e-FIRs that are registered online for vehicle thefts. Unlike other crimes, vehicle thefts have increased from 20, 449 cases last year to 33, 273 cases this year.

Well, these figures cannot be argued since CM Arvind Kejriwal’s car was stolen in some time back.


All in all, this looks like a positive progress seeing the last year’s data released by NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) where Delhi accounted for the maximum number of rape cases among 19 major cities in India.

However, people are finding it hard to believe the released data. After all, people of Delhi knows how the facts can be “modified” to win their confidence.

People were asked about their opinions on social platform, Reddit, regarding the decrease in crime rate, and their views tell a different story. This is what they said:

The real reason is smog.


Who are actually committing crimes?


This is called being accurate.

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At least, the PR team in the government is doing their job with dedication.


A valid argument.


But the government can get away with anything.


Yeh Public hai sab janti hai!





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