These 11 Bollywood Movie Posters Featuring Our Favourite Cricketers Is What We Always Wanted

Every Indian is in love with two things — Cricket and Bollywood. The stars from the two universes are worshipped literally like Gods. But while we have seen Bollywood stars playing cricket, we have hardly seen a top cricketer doing a movie. And for the first time ever, Bollywood made a biopic on a cricket who is still playing – M.S. Dhoni. That did well. This gives us the idea – what if, just for fun Bollywood films had our cricket stars as heroes?

1. Because only Virat Kohli can romance the vivacious Anushka Sharma better than SRK.

*Gosh! Why did they break up?*




2. Only the greatest of them all – actor or cricketer – can so convincingly the genius Rancho.




3. If only Ishant Sharma had Khali’s body. The face and the mane is there already.




4. UP lad Suresh Raina will easily fit into the shoes of Manu.





5. No one but Punjabi sher Yuvraj Singh for this hilarious movie.





6. Delhi boy in love with a Chennai girl. Who better than Gambhir?

*And God has gifted him with the looks.*




7. It would be interesting to see the strike master Rohit Sharma romancing Bebo.




8. He has the moustache. He has the swag. He has the aura. He is Shikhar Bajirao.




9. Deepika needs a strong support to go against her father’s wish. How about Rahul Dravid?





10. Do you even want to know why?




11. Only a real hero cares more for others than himself.





Ah! If only, if only!


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