Now Cricket Umpires Can Also Send Off Poorly Behaving Players, Know The Rules Here

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2:09 pm 18 Apr, 2017

Umpiring manuals for cricket umpires need an update as two completely new signals for the way send-offs are to be conveyed have been announced by the Marylebone Cricket Club.


This is the first update to the Code of Laws of the game since 2000. The new code makes umpires more powerful with regards to dealing with poor behavior by players.

Differing with the severity of offence from excessive appealing and dissent to physical violence have been laid out as direction for on-field officials. The new code will come into effect from October and once that is done, on-field officials will be empowered to send the misbehaving players off the field, temporarily or permanently. The opposition also gets an award penalty in such situations.


To send a player off-field, either temporarily or permanently, umpires will have to put an arm out to the side of their body and raise and lower it repetitively.


Sending a player away from the field temporarily will be known as a “level three” sanction. In such a situation, the umpire will signal the first gesture by raising both hands and spreading all fingers spread to the height of their shoulder with their palms facing towards the scorer.

Sending a player away permanently will be classified as a “level four” sanction and will be the most severe of penalties that umpires will be empowered with as per their new powers. To signal the same, they will have to point their index finger to the scorer and hold their arm outstretched to the side of their body.


In both situations, five penalty runs will be awarded to the other team. Umpires’ decision will be communicated to the captains, and if they refuse to comply, the match will be abandoned.



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