This Creepy Humanoid Robot Is Scaring The Hell Out Of Netizens, But There Is A Catch!

2:16 pm 21 Aug, 2018


We have witnessed the weirdest things on the internet that have boggled our minds to the very core. From the funniest pictures of dogs to the cutest videos of cats, the internet is full of interesting elements that have kept us entertained ever since its inception. Apparently, there is one such thing that is creating buzz around the internet, but for all the wrong reasons. Interestingly, a disturbing video of a humanoid robot has been making the rounds on the social media and you will definitely be surprised to see the video.

In the video, the high-tech robot is confidently walking down a driveway as it appears like a walking human being. As the robot passes the cameraman, one can get a closer look at the face made by a white mask and a pair of black eyes. The startling video of the humanoid robot walking on the streets has already gained more than 5 million hits on the internet, creating an unexpected buzz by the social media users.

Here are some of the images of the robot from the video:




It seems so realistic!



Here is the zoomed-in view of the humanoid robot!



Watch the viral video of the humanoid robot here:



This video has sent waves of tremors among the Twitterati and they posted epic tweets on their social media account regarding the fear from the walking humanlike robot. Have a read at few of the tweets:



Hahaha! I guess so!






This is how we will die!



We all are!



It’s time!



Seems like!



However, to our very amazement, the creepy humanoid robot is actually not real. Well, surprisingly, the robot was created using computer-generated graphics. Renowned South African Director Neil Blomkamp who is popular for science fiction films like Chappie and District 9 revealed the truth behind the walking humanoid robot.

Blomkamp took it to his Twitter account and blew the lid off the rumors of the reality behind the robot. In his tweet, he mentioned that the robot video is part of a mini-series names ‘Adam’:

“Although no one would welcome a robot uprising more than I, – It’s actually part of this series.”


Take a look at his tweet:



It’s sad to know that this humanoid robot is just a CGI effect. But how cool would that be when robots would walk around us freely like in the video! What do you think? Let us know in the comments!