23 Things You Will See Only In An Indian Wedding

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7:00 pm 2 Jul, 2015

The Great Indian Wedding, it’s not just a little affair; it’s one heck of a big festival for families and friends. It’s a normal wedding until you see all three generations dancing like crazy on bolly tunes. Yes, it then becomes the exclusive Indian wedding! Following are the aspects that make it so distinct from the weddings around the world.

1. The crazy-cracked moment when each and every member of the family is on the floor trying to step up on beats.


2. A huge Rangoli made at the entrance to the marriage hall and even in the houses of the bride and groom.


3. You can see the grand ‘Mehendi’ function in Indian wedding.

The bride and other relatives apply heena on their hands and praise Durga so that the Mehendi color gets deeper this time.


4. And then follows the most dazzling “Sangeet” where everyone on the floor goes gyrating to the beats with unique thumkas!


5. The wait comes to an end when ‘Mr. Perfect’ arrives with baraatis in tow and everyone goes “Ohh…Aahh”.


6. You see lots and lots of baraatis (practically everyone) dancing on the street.

You can see crazy freaking dance only in Indian weddings as they love dancing to celebrate.


7. Shagun, shagun and lots of shagun. Both the bride and the groom are loaded with shagun by different members of family.

Shagun is a kind of wedding gift given to the bride and groom as part of a traditional ritual. This is done by family members alone and is different from normal gifts.

8. Kareena jaisa perfect Red shaadi ka joda is a dream come true for the bride.

She also gets emotional when she receives her ‘Shaadi ka perfect red joda’.


9. You will get to see the Chacha, Bua, Mama, Maasi and almost everyone ‘dressing up all designers’.

How can the rest of the family members afford not wearing a glam dress for this most awaited day?


10. The bride and few family members are seen decking up more gold than ‘Bappi Lahiri’.


11. You will come across Indians comparing outfits and looks at weddings. They don’t spare the groom and the bride too.

You know the lehenga I’m wearing!? It’s more expensive than the bride’s dress!



12. The weird chappal (slippers/shoes) hiding ritual is practiced in Indian wedding only.

The groom has to pay money to get back his hidden slippers/shoes.


13. The grand wedding turns out to be emotional affair when the bride and groom exchanges jaimala.


14. The bride seems to surrender herself to the groom when the mangalsutra is tied around her neck.


15. The marriage is a long-lasting affair with lengthy procedures of havan and agniksakshi.


16. You can see huge lines at the food area of the marriage venue.

Because everyone loves to eat.

17. You see the bride and the groom clicking photos with each and every person with a smile.


18. You might also see match-making between siblings and cousins of the bride and groom.


19. You get to see a set of people who are never concerned about the marriage but are always present near the food corners!


20. You get to eat sweets in abundance; the wedding tradition starts with exchanging kilos and kilos of sweets.


21. You get to see heaps of costly gifts ranging from simple to pricey items.


22. How can an Indian marriage end without some tones of gossips and criticism about the marriage?

You get to hear all of that.


23. You can also enjoy the scene where the bride bids adieu to her family shedding an ocean of tears.

That’s the climax part to the dramatic event.


The Great Indian Wedding is an ostentatious affair full of drama you rarely see anywhere in the world.




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