On Yoga Day, CPI(M) Plans ‘Secular Yoga’ Sessions In Kerala To Outsmart BJP

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12:36 pm 16 Jun, 2016


In bid to steal BJP’s thunder on International Yoga Day this year, CPI(M) is planning to hold yoga sessions throughout Kerala.

The state capital will have a two-hour-long live demonstration to be held by 500 trained party workers. Similar sessions will be held in all district headquarters.


However, it will be ‘Secular Yoga’ with no ‘Om’ chanting and other mantras. Instead, mellifluous music will accompany the ‘asanas’ or postures.

In the customised yoga regime, there will be 30 asanas with omission like ‘surya namaskar’ where a practitioner has to invoke Lord Surya.




The party-controlled Indian Martial Arts Academy in north Kerala is planning to levy Rs 500 for eight classes in a month.

“It is not meant to emulate any other organisation. To practice yoga it’s not necessary one has to believe in a particular religion or custom. We want to help our workers suffering from new-age maladies and make them physically and mentally strong,” academy’s director E Rajeevan told HT.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be leading the nation in a specially-organised session in Chandigarh to mark the International Yoga day on June 21.



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