Tourists Allege That They Were Attacked By Cow Smugglers In Odisha

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9:56 pm 17 Jul, 2017


A group of tourists have alleged that they were attacked by cow smugglers in Odisha.

Seven tourists have said that cow smugglers attacked them after they protested against the torture of cows in the state. The incident took place on July 14 in the Rayagada district of the coastal state. Three women formed part of the group of tourists who came from Hyderabad and Delhi.

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K.V Kanan, a member of the group who received severe injuries, said,


I had planned this tour along with my friend Sumant from Delhi. We were travelling with our wives and other family members when this incident occurred around 4 pm on July 14.

The tourists mentioned that around 200-300 cows were tied by ropes and were being beaten by the smugglers. Upon intervening, the men beat up the men and manhandled the women in the group. The tourists also said that when they called up police, they refused to help.

An FIR has been lodged at the Chandili Police station while the injured tourists have been hospitalized. Guha Poonam Tapaskumar, DM Rayagada, has promised to probe the matter and pay for the treatment of the injured tourists. Tapaskumar also said that the matter has been sent to the Society of Prevention of Cruelty To Animals.

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In another incident, a senior police official in Uttar Pradesh has informed that the entire Dial 100 team have been suspended because they were unable to save stray cattle from bovine smugglers. The incident took place in Badaun district of UP on Saturday when bovine smugglers killed at least half-a-dozen stray cattle and threw the skeletons after packing the flesh in a truck. The smugglers also fired at the villagers when they intervened. A complaint has been lodged against the smugglers and the matter is being probed by the state police.



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