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Anything In Name Of Gau Mata! This Time A Police Officer Lost His Life In This Political Propaganda

Published on 4 December, 2018 at 4:05 pm By

As a child we often used to recite a two-line poem, gai hamari mata hai humko kuch nahi aata hai. What started as a fun poem stands truer at the contemporary Indian situation. Divided by political propaganda, we don’t think twice before snatching someone’s life. We are unable to stop and think before taking an extreme step in the name of religion. And the reason? Well, protecting gau mata! Mob lynching or killing because of cow slaughter, sadly, isn’t an act of past in the modern day India.


Recently, Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh added its name to the list of being a city which shamelessly claimed a life over cow meat fiasco. This time, a policeman lost his life. Police inspector Subodh Kumar passed away during his treatment at the hospital after getting shot.


Police inspector Subodh Kumar


The troubles started brewing when some villagers in Mahaw village found body parts of cows. Seizing the chance, the right-wing activists gathered at the spot to give fuel to an age-old religious rivalry in India.

They started telling people that the dumping of the body parts was intentional and people of a particular community were indulging in cow slaughter, despite the ban. This tiny spark was all that was needed to ignite the fire of stupidity in people.


The activists, along with members of various Hindu groups, took it upon themselves to demand justice for the ‘poor’ cow. Hence, they loaded the remains of the animal in tractor-trolley and went to Chingarwathi Police Chowki. Apparently, they wanted the police to catch the culprit and punish them.



While belittling the police department, they also created a ruckus and blocked the Bulandshahr-Garh State Highway. Senior officers of police, along with Bulandshahr District Magistrate and Sub-divisional Magistrate, tried to reason with the protesters but that turned out to be a futile effort.

Soon the protest went out of hand and people turned violent. The protesters started pelting the police with stone and also got involved in the arson. The police, in self-defense, took to the resort of open fire.

Police inspector Subodh Kumar was one of the officers who was trying to subdue this unwanted and illogical protest. During the fiasco, he was hit with a blunt object and also by a bullet. He lost his life due to the bullet injury.



This is the same person who was also investigating the 2015 Dadri mob lynching. In this case, a 52-year-old man named Mohammad Akhlaq Saifi was killed after people from a certain religious community attacked his home with sticks and bricks. They accused him of stealing and slaughtering a cow calf. The incident took place in Bisara village near Dadri, Uttar Pradesh. Sister of the deceased police inspector said that Subodh Kumar was killed because he was investigating the Akhlaq case. This is what she stated:



The extent of stupidity that surrounds us is astounding! Is it so hard to see that this sparks of communal discontent have a very clear connection with the upcoming elections 2019? It is no secret that the ruling party is gathering their votes with the implementation of divide and rule policy. Like their predecessors, they are also dividing the vote bank in name of religion. The difference is, this time they are tapping the vote from the religious majority than the minority.

A developing country like India has so much to deal with. There is a dire need for developments in the field of job generation, infrastructure, agriculture, and security. Instead, the thing that is taking our night’s sleep away is the protection of cows. Really?



The netizens were also vocal about this incident. Here are what they said:













How low can we go in name of protection of religious sentiments? How can we give the power to the political parties to decide which sentiments to protect and which to shun? It seems we are too busy to surround ourselves with political propaganda to create a comfort zone around us and be a part of the safe trend. But the future that draws is bleak.


Isn’t it about time that we should open our eyes and think what is happening around? Does the Gau mata really want to be protected? What do you think about this cow slaughter case? Let us know in the comments below.


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