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This Video Of A Cow Feeding Orphaned Puppies Proves That Animals Are Better Than Humans

Updated on 31 January, 2019 at 12:15 pm By

In this world, the one thing which is the common thread to bind us all is love. Love without any condition comes out of the boundaries of social norms serve the purpose of humanity. We are lucky that this kind of love is still not dead. A Mother especially never discriminates her children but there are times when this relationship goes beyond the blood. These days when humans are after each other’s life because of caste, class, and religion, there are animals who are setting the bar for love and humanity really high.


One such incident came into light when a video of a cow was resurfaced over the internet. The video shows how a cow is feeding four puppies. The heartwarming video was captured by a passerby as he/she couldn’t help but watching the motherly love of the cow for the four little puppies. Look at the picture in which she is seen feeding the puppies.



Now, look at the video of the cow who is not the biological mother of the puppies. She is not even from the same species. However, she being a mother did not want the puppies to stay hungry, who were most probably starving.



The viral video has filled the netizen’s hearts with lots of love. Look how they reacted to the video.








So cute!





It seems like this.






Recently, another such rare news was reported from Gir Forest. A lioness of the forest adopted a one and half-month-old leopard cub after it got separated from its mother. The lioness was seen feeding the cub along with two of her own.



This cow feeding puppies video is the best thing on the internet right now. We feel that such incidents keep the universal love intact. What do you think about this loving video? Tell us in the comments below.



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