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18 Small Things Couples Can Do Daily For Happy And Long-lasting Love

Published on 25 April, 2018 at 4:15 pm By

Relationships are not always about grand gestures, they are more about small things you do for each other every day. It feels awesome when your partner holds your hand in public, or when they make you a cup of tea in the morning. They can light up an otherwise bad day just by showing up at your office and asking you out on a lunch date.



1. Talk often about small things that make you happy or sad; having real conversations will definitely strengthen your bond.

Communicating is the key to everyday happiness. Don’t let things burn inside you, sharing is the key to gluing your bond.


2. Go on a drive, go for morning walks, have dinner together -always make time for each other.

How many times in a year can we plan holidays? Not more than once or twice. Don’t wait for holidays to get back the connection. A movie date, a long drive or even a morning walk is enough to keep it going.


3. Keep saying those three magical words “I love you,” time and again.

No matter who says what, we all love hearing, “I love you,” any number of times through the day. But, yes, remember to say them when you really mean them.



4. In the seriousness of life, don’t forget to crack jokes and laugh hard.

If two people can forget the harshness of the world in each other’s company, there is nothing more intimate than that. Make a deliberate effort to crack jokes, laugh about small and big things, and just enjoy each other’s company.


5. Hugs can make stress go away; hug every day and pass on your warmth and affection in doing so.

A tight hug when you’re low, a tickling hug when you are playful, and a soft hug to show how much you love them, is a must. Hug everyday and see how it keeps all the love alive.


6. It’s always great to start working on common hobbies and interests.

Start cooking together or learn how to play an instrument you both like. Go swimming together, or take fitness classes. Anything you both can do together will bring you closer.


7. Just like hugging, don’t underestimate the power of cuddling.

You won’t always have the energy or the will to have sex, but cuddling is great, in happiness or sadness.  It’s comforting and expresses your unsaid concern for each other.


8. Focus on your partner, when you are with them.

Drop the phone and shut down your laptop. Just go offline for a while from everything you’re doing. Half an hour of full attention everyday is sufficient to keep the fire burning.


9. Don’t hesitate to show affection in public.

PDA (Public Display of Affection) is the sign of a happy-joyful-and-happening relationship. They don’t stop themselves showering love in public. They hold hands and hug, unflinched by what others may have to say about them.


10. KISS like you mean it.

Look into your partner’s eyes and kiss them with all your heart, and see how this helps your love bloom every day.


11. Do something extra.

Plan surprises once in a while. Hunt for a book they can’t get, take them out on a long awaited trek, do something special for their parents and siblings, and show them you really care about their little world.


12. Your partner should be your first priority.

No matter where you are or what you are doing, you have to drop everything and be there when your partner needs you. Extend your support through their trying times; that’s when relationships mature.


13. Appreciate your partner for big achievements, and compliment them for smaller ones.

Tell them they cook well. Bring home their favorite cake on their promotion. Celebrate big and small events, and you’ll make each other feel loved.


14. Listen to them intently, participate in the conversation, give advice and solve problems together.

15. Surprise your partner by saying, “Yes” sometimes.

OK, you don’t like washing the dishes, doing laundry, or cleaning the house, but it won’t hurt if once in a while you can surprise your partner by saying, “Yes” to doing these small things for them.

16. Don’t stop flirting.

Flirting is essential no matter how many years you’ve spent together. And with so many texting apps available, you can just take flirting to the next level. Be creative, send him a text in the middle of the day, telling him how hot he looked in the morning just before leaving, and wait for his reaction in the evening.


17. Happy couples know how to forgive

Disagreements, fights, arguments, and differences – you’ve got to get over them and forgive each other for a lasting relation.


18. Show gratitude


When they do things for you, make sure you show them the desired gratitude. Tell them how thankful you are for having them in your life. Always try to reciprocate their efforts.


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