The Results Were Hilarious When Couples Described Each Other To A Sketch Artist

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5:00 pm 31 Oct, 2015

Do you know your partner well? Have you ever studied his/her face? The answer must be yes. People generally feel confident when it comes to their partners. Few couples got rounded up by Distractify, and they asked each of them to describe their significant other to a police sketch artist.

Let’s see how it went!


Women generally claim that they know men better, but here they seemed to have trouble explaining their own partners’ faces



Even the little details



Somebody needs to tell him that the artist wants a description of her features, not characteristics.4


I guess he focused more on kissing those lips



Well, as expected, the results were not completely accurate



But they gave each other a good laugh



Acceptance won the battle though



Because accepting one’s faults is part of love. Right?


I guess it is really difficult to describe a person’s face even if s/he wakes up next to you every morning. Enjoy the whole video below. And maybe try this out with your partner?

Source: aplus


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