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This Couple Has Traveled More Than 72,000 Km On Their Road World Trip In This Tiny House On Wheels

Published on 23 February, 2018 at 10:38 am By

You might have heard people save all their life or sell their valuables to be able to travel the world. But the story of this couple is completely different from all the others.

Alexis Stephens, 33, and Christian Parsons have traveled more than 72,000 km across 36 American states, one province of Canada and 17 tiny communities. And all of this by road and that too on a 130 sq ft house on wheels, which makes that house the most traveled tiny house of the world.



Yes! They made a well-furnished home out of a bus and are out on world road trip.



The couple met in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA, the very place where they also built their house on wheels. They decided to travel around North America and record the people, culture and community experience of traveling in the tiny house. The duo took time of nine months to built the savvy house and have been traveling in it for the past two and a half years.




Lonely Planet quotes Alexis saying,:

“Our personal journey to tiny living was born out of a desire to simplify, create more flexibility and embrace everyday adventure. No matter if you travel or stay put, tiny living encourages stronger connection to your surroundings, which opens the door to more experiences. The thing that really turned our dream into a reality was bravery. We both had to completely embrace risk and find the confidence to know we could make this all happen, build our tiny house and take it on the road.”



For the house of wheels, Christian was the person who took up the task of building it full time. The couple was also helped out a lot by their friend Tom who let them build it on his property, let them use his tools and also offered advice when they needed. Elaborating further about the house, Alexis says:

“Just about everything is multi-functional, and every inch is maximized. For instance, the closet is also a staircase, bench seat and bookshelf. Like every house, we have a kitchen, bathroom and living room. We also have two sleeping lofts. The ‘master suite’ has a queen bed, and my son’s loft has a folding foam bed, fold-down desk, a toy box and a special basket on a pulley system — perfect for bringing toys up and down.”

In order to share the glimpses of their travel and the offbeat house with the world, the two have created an Instagram account with name tiny_house_expedition. Take a look at some of their most interesting Instagram posts below:







As can be seen in the pictures, their tiny house is indeed no less than a compact palace on wheels. It contains too much for a vehicle to be able to carry! But quite well thought and amazing too!!!

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