Husband Spots His Wife With Lover In Google Street View. Read What Happens Next!

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5:24 pm 11 Oct, 2018


Earlier one had to actually go somewhere to see what it looked like. But with the advent of technology, things are lot easier now. Google Maps Street View, launched in 2005, gives users the ability to know the weird and wonderful world through a virtual journey across streets, as well as people going about their daily lives. Occasionally, though, Google Street View cameras inadvertently capture some of the world’s most weird, funny and strange images, on the streets they are mapping.

Recently, a similar awkward incident came to limelight. A husband was planning a route but he saw in Google Maps Street View led to the ground beneath him to shake. In that image he saw his wife sitting with another man on a bench and was stroking his hair with his head in her lap.




The incident happened in Puente de los Suspiros (Bridge of Sighs) – one of the most famous landmarks in the Barranco District of Lima, and was shot by a Google camera car.

After seeing the image the husband realised that the woman in picture is her wife as she has the same clothes.



The image appeared to be of 2013, but the image was enough to make him and angry. Soon he confronted her and showed her the evidence of her infidelity.




The man took to Facebook and shared the images and people commented ‘how it’s a small world’ after all. The name of the couple is not known.

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