These Are 15 Richest Countries By Population Per Billionaire

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8:00 pm 20 Jul, 2015

1. Monaco


Total billionaires: 3

Population: 37,800

Population per billionaire: 12,600

Although Monaco is a filthy rich country there are only three billionaires. Fine art dealer David Nahmad is richest with a net worth of $1.85 billion (Rs.1.2k crore).

2. St Kitts and Nevis


Total billionaires: 1

Population: 55,000

Population per billionaire: 55,000

The only West Indian country in this list. Its sole billionaire is Jacky Xu, who is originally from China.

3. Guernsey


Total billionaires: 1

Population: 65,150

Population per billionaire: 65,150

Stephen Lansdown is its only billionaire. Lansdown is worth $2.1 billion (Rs.1.3k crore).

4. Hong Kong


Total billionaires: 55

Population: 7,264,100

Population per billionaire: 132,075

Hong Kong China’s only free market economy. Its richest resident is Li Ka-Shing, who is worth $33.5 billion (Rs.22k crore).

5. Cyprus


Total billionaires: 5

Population: 858,000

Population per billionaire: 171,600

Economically struggling Mediterranean island of Cyprus has five billionaires. Richest is Christos Lazari worth $2.2 billion (Rs.1.4k crore).

6. Switzerland


Total billionaires: 29

Population: 8,256,000

Population per billionaire: 284,690

The richest man in the Heaven of Europe is Ernesto Bertarelli.

7. Singapore


Total billionaires: 19

Population: 5,469,700

Population per billionaire: 287,879

With a per capita GDP higher than many developed countries, Singapore is no stranger to billionaires. Philip Ng has a net worth of $8.6 billion (Rs.5.5k crore).

8. Iceland


Total billionaires: 1

Population: 329,740

Population per billionaire: 329,740

Only one of the six billionaires survives after the financial crisis – investor Thor Bjorgolfsson. He is worth around $1.28 billion (Rs.8k crore).

9. Sweden


Total billionaires: 23

Population: 9,784,445

Population per billionaire: 425,411

Among its 23 billionaires are Swedish video game programmer and designer Markus Alexej Persson, whose company made the legendary Minecraft video game.

10. Israel


Total billionaires: 17

Population: 8,358,100

Population per billionaire: 491,653

The founder of gambling software maker Playtech, Teddy Sagi, is an Israeli billionaire with a net worth of $3.5 billion (Rs.22k crore).

11. Norway


Total billionaires: 10

Population: 5,176,998

Population per billionaire: 517,700

The world’s third-largest natural gas exporter and seventh largest oil exporter, Norway has Stein Erik Hagen whose family is worth $4.5 billion (Rs.28k crore).

12. Lebanon


Total billionaires: 7

Population: 4,104,000

Population per billionaire: 586,286

The strife-torn country still has billionaires, which includes telecom magnate and former Prime Minister Najib Mikati.

13. United States


Total billionaires: 536

Population: 321,369,000

Population per billionaire: 599,569

The US has the largest Total billionaires and if it were not for its relatively high population than every other country in this list, it would have been on top.

14. Kuwait


Total billionaires: 5

Population: 3,268,431

Population per billionaire: 653,686

Oil-rich Kuwait has a GDP per capita of $70,914 per person.

15. Taiwan


Total billionaires: 33

Population: 23,456,545

Population per billionaire: 710,804

Daniel and Richard Tsai are the richest men in the country, with a combined net worth of $10 billion (Rs.63k crore).


India has around 90 billionaires in the Forbes list but due to her billion plus population, the population per billionaire figure is as high as 1.4 crore.

Data crunching was done by Approved Index, a UK-based business-networking group.


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