It’s GIF or JIF? We Finally Have An Answer For This Seemingly Endless Debate

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5:25 pm 18 Jun, 2016

Time and again we come across this debate about how to pronounce the word GIF (the image format). These animated images are taking over, and we can now upload them on social sites as well. But how to pronounce GIF?



The right way to pronounce ‘GIF’!

Whenever someone sees GIF for the first time they tend to pronounce it with a hard ‘G’. The same way you pronounce gift, which is absolutely correct. You need to pronounce GIF as gift without the ‘t’.



Logic behind it!

The logic behind the concept is that whenever there is a ‘G’ followed by a vowel and ‘F’ then it is pronounced with a hard ‘G’, for example, Guff, Guffaw, Gift, Gaffe. But, when we pronounce gem we use a soft ‘G’. It is because it’s a short form of Gemma which is derived from a Latin word ‘jewel’ and hence the abbreviation has inherited the sound of soft ‘G’ with it.


The inventor of GIF has ended the debate!



Steve Wilhite, Graphic Interchange Format (or GIF) inventor has finally ended the debate. The oxford dictionary accepts both GIF and JIF, but Wilhite has said that is JIF, not GIF. Many are unaware the ‘JIF’ is a reputed peanut butter brand and if someone pronounces GIF as JIF, then, s/he must be aware of the history.


But, the debate went on because pronouncing GIF with a hard ‘G’ has taken over and it’s really hard to get over it.

Have a look at what’s happening on Twitter.


They actually are fighting over this!


It should be pronounced as JIF.


Ready to become a murderer.




Well, people will understand the fact slowly and steadily. You can know more from the video:



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