Without A Warrant, Raipur Cops Raided A Hotel And Harassed IPL Cheerleaders

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3:09 pm 14 May, 2015


They believe nobody can say anything to them, no matter what they do. That’s what police officials in Raipur must have thought when they harassed and humiliated Indian Premier League (IPL) cheerleaders on Tuesday, reports Times of India.

Over a dozen officials of Kotwali Police (Raipur) – including women cops – arrived in three SUVs and raided a reputed hotel in which the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) cheerleaders were lodged, quizzing them for nearly an hour.

According to sources, the cops had no warrant for the raid and later explained the decision as a “routine check”. The cops did not officially state if that they had evidence of illegal racketeering of any form inside the hotel premises.


Most of the cheerleaders are from England and Australia. A cheerleader said:


“It’s ridiculous that we are being treated like this by the cops. They could have contacted our event manager directly rather than rushing straight to our rooms. We all have work permits and we have been associated with Bollywood. We have never had such a bad experience in India.”


The crew head, Kartikeyan, was caught by surprise when the police rudely banged his door. He said:

“The cops should have checked the guest lists and checked their IDs. If they had any doubt they should have quizzed everyone. There has been no such problem in any city with the cheer girls. Earlier, they used to stay in the team hotel. But after the spot-fixing scandal, the BCCI is extra cautious and that is why they are now staying in a different hotel. They also do not take the same flight as the players.”

The hotel management refused to accept that any guest had broken the law. City Superintendent of Police of Kotwali Police circle, Anshuman Singh Sisodiya, said:

“It was routine checking. We were informed about some foreign girls checking into a hotel under Kotwali Police circle. A team led by senior police official visited the hotel and checked the rooms of the girls just to make sure there wasn’t anything suspicious.”