Shoaib Malik’s Teammate Shadab Khan Had To Apologize To Sania Mirza. The Reason Will Make You Laugh

4:53 pm 30 Oct, 2017


Tennis star Sania Mirza and her cricketer husband Shoaib Malik on Sunday took to social media and engaged in a healthy and romantic conversation after Pakistan beat Sri Lanka in Lahore to win the T20I series and Shoaib was awarded ‘Man of the Series’.



Pakistan beat Sri Lanka by 36 runs in the third and final T20I and Shoaib Malik was awarded a bike as ‘Man of the Series’. It was soon after this that the couple started the conversation, which began with Sania posting an image of Shoaib on the bike.



In less than a couple of hours, Shoaib took to the microblogging site and gave a romantic reply telling his sweetheart to get ready quickly for the ride and that he is on the way.



And then more romantic banter between the couple follow suits when Sania again posted another photo of her husband, this time with his teammate Shadab Khan.

She, in the most romantic way, acted as little disappointed, as the back seat of the bike was taken by his friend, and tweeted this:



But Shoaib is all there for her and, as any man would, he is ready to do anything in order not to disappoint or hurt his sweetheart.


The lovely couple is often spotted together. CricTraker

He tweeted back with another sweet reply convincing her that there’s no such problem of seat being taken by his friend.



Interestingly, Shoaib’s teammate, Shadab Khan, must have felt like ruining the family’s good time because of his intervention.



He was quick to ‘apologize’ to Sania for having taken the seat of the bike and tweeted this:




Waa waa, Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik, what a romantic conversation indeed. It’s like a movie where the couple plays the lead roles and Shadab Khan the villain. Anyway, Shadab Khan, you don’t feel hurt or take it seriously. In fact, the conversation between the couple is complete and all the more beautiful because of your role.