11 Signs Your Boyfriend Is A Control Freak

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6:00 pm 16 Jan, 2015


As they say, it’s tough to break up from a relationship but it is tougher to maintain it. The patience gets saturated at the point when you start feeling like a caged bird. You must have experienced the feeling of finding yourself caught up but not being able to understand what is holding you back. Well, we will offer you few tips to comprehend what and who it is, that is controlling you without you realizing it.

Not all boyfriends are sensible and not all freaks, but for those who are, here are the characteristics that will help you figure out that your beloved boyfriend might not actually be that beloved.

11. Wants All Details

He might just compel you to make a note of everything you do as he more or less lives by same rule. You might at some occasions if not all, find yourself entering into a rapid Q&A session with him, with him asking questions and you juggling between facts and fiction.

10. Jealous Of Guy Friends


Your boyfriend might make you uneasy when you are around your guy pals. Not that he is interested in them, but because he simply detests any other man’s presence in your life. It not only leaves you embarrassed but you might fear losing a great friend of yours, as a result of your boyfriend’s uncontrollable bout of jealousy.

9. Drastic Mood Swings

You might find yourself dealing with a sea of emotions from your boyfriend and in order to make him happy, you spend your time and energy uplifting his mood. The mood fluctuations may at one point make you question your own sanity, as you try hard to be ‘The Good’ girlfriend to your boyfriend.

8. He Is Extremely Rigid

Your controlling boyfriend will most of the times be adamant and extremely rigid about a decision he has taken. So, even if it is a healthy debate over an irrelevant subject, still you will find him getting fiery about his points and any retaliation might lead to an outburst from his end.

7. Has The Last Say

When it comes to how you dress or how you speak, your boyfriend will end up instructing you to do things his way. This may just annoy you when your decision to dress up the way you like is decided by someone else. His choice matters for him and your choice is shown the door.

6. Has A Schedule

If you are thinking of going off his schedule, you might have to face the brunt as he will be very particular of the things he has planned. So, if it is a long vacation that he has planned, you have to go as per his guidelines which may make your vacation a torture.

 5. Wants To Feel Special

Your boyfriend nevertheless expects you to be by his side through thick and thin, though you can’t expect the same vice versa. He gets very demanding and wants your presence 24×7, so you might have to cancel your plans just to give him a lending shoulder.

4. He Is Critical Of You

The little of self esteem left in you is targeted by your boyfriend with his critical approach. You might get attacked every now and then for the way you dress, speak, cook etc. This might make you question why you are at the receiving end all the time.

3. Gets Suspicious

If you find your boyfriend peeping in your phone or secretly reading your mails, you might feel as you have no private life left. This is another characteristic of a control freak where he grows suspicious without being given a reason to be so.

2. You Do What He Does

So, if you though you could watch your favourite movie the coming weekend, your boyfriend steps in with tickets for a play. You basically end up leaving your passions and adapting his passions which are of least interest for you.

1. Becomes Your Adopted Parent


When you find someone stealing the limelight of your parents and becoming one, you know who it is. Your boyfriend becomes the most unwanted and disliked parent for you, when he steals your independence, unlike your parents who raised you like a free bird.

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