Congress Party Stages Protest Against Soaring Tomato Prices By Opening ‘State Bank Of Tomato’

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11:50 am 3 Aug, 2017


Until now, we knew that banks function to keep public’s money safe, help them with credit and investment. But with tomato prices going through the ceiling, Congress party has initiated a new sort of a bank. The party has opened a bank named ‘State Bank of Tomato’ where people can deposit, withdraw and safe-keep their tomatoes in order to protest against the rising prices of tomatoes.

It is important to note that the prices of tomatoes have been soaring since last month and have even crossed Rs. 100 per kg in some areas of the country. The primary cause behind this is the rains that delayed the arrival of the crop from Nashik, which is the main tomato growing region of the country.

A branch of State Bank of Tomato in Chandigarh TheIndianExpress/ Jaipal Singh


The Congress party has opened branches of the State Bank of Tomato in Lucknow and Chandigarh. The bank will operate from 10 am. to 5 pm. These branches of the bank are offering several schemes to people to support them in the time of rising inflation and help them keep their tomatoes safe.

In this symbolic protest, the bank is offering safe deposit lockers to people in which their tomatoes will be kept secure. Upon depositing a certain quantity of tomatoes, the depositor can claim double the deposited quantity after 6 months. The bank has introduced a number of other schemes such as 80 per cent of value of tomatoes being offered as credit to the depositor.


A 103 year-old resident of Lucknow named Shri Krishna Verma deposited half a kg of tomatoes and will withdraw 1 kg tomatoes after 6 months.

The Indian Express quotes one of the Congress leaders saying,

This is a protest against the Modi-led government and the rising prices. This ‘bank’ should act as an eye opener for the government. People use lockers for safety of costly items. Today tomatoes also are very costly and that is why we have offered the option of lockers.

Chandigarh Congress President, Pradeep Chhabra, said that the prices of vegetables and petroleum products have been soaring and the government at the Center has failed to keep it under control. Chhabra also alleged that the government is only focusing on taxation and his party is opposing the anti-people policies of the BJP.



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