Congress Spokesperson Rajiv Tyagi Calls A TV News Anchor ‘Dalal’ And ‘Bhadwa’ During Live Debate

4:06 pm 26 Jul, 2018


We have already witnessed the use of abusive languages and aggressive behaviour during live television news debates. While these debates are organized to put various perspectives on issues concerned with national interests, there are many times when the panellists lose their control and start abusing not only each other but the television news anchor as well. There are many times when they indulge in physical violence as well. Apparently, Congress Spokesperson Rajiv Tyagi is in the news for a similar incident in which he abused a TV news anchor during a live debate.

According to sources, Rajiv Tyagi was one of the panellists for the discussion on mob lynching on a popular news channel. While the debate took an unexpected turn, Rajiv Tyagi used abusive language during the live debate while news anchor Amish Devgan was trying to control his foul-mouthing. Incidentally, the other two panellists including BJP Spokesperson Sambit Patra also intervened in the heated discussion and suggested the congressman Rajiv Tyagi put a control on his language.



A video of the live debate is going viral on social media. In the video, Congress Spokesperson Rajiv Tyagi can be heard abusing the news anchor by saying:

“We have opened 500 news channels. That is the reason why journalists like you are able to work as journalists. If you don’t like to hear my point-of-view then you should have never called me on the debate. Don’t talk like a ‘dalaal’ and a ‘bhadwa’ with me. Talk like a journalist here! My dear friend, I am calling you a ‘bhadwa’ and a ‘dalaal’. Do you want to hear more?”




Watch the video where Rajiv Tyagi is abusing the TV news anchor here:



Here is journalist Amish Devgan’s tweet:



While news anchor Amish Devgan tried to put a control on the situation, he was constantly abused and intervened by Rajiv Tyagi while he was talking. This viral video has garnered outrageous responses from the social media users as they have slammed the Congress Spokesperson Rajiv Tyagi brutally through their message.

From bashing out the Congress party to questioning the sanity of the politician, here are some of the best responses:



Showing his true colours!



This isn’t the first time!



It is high time!






People are asking for his apology!



However, another video has come up in which anchor Amish Devgan politely questioned Congress Spokesperson Rajiv Tyagi that if he would apologize in regards of his use of foul language on the news debate. However, he proudly denied apologizing for his words. Then, they both got involved in a heated debate yet again.

Watch the video here:




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