Congress Slams Centre For Cut In Small Savings Interest Rates; Says It’s An Assault On The Middle Class

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5:53 pm 20 Mar, 2016


Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi has dubbed BJP government’s decision to slash interest rates on small savings as “another assault on the middle class,” and said that after failing the farmers and the poor, they are now failing the middle class.



Rahul, amid mounting criticism by the public, attacked Narendra Modi-led BJP government and said:


“Slashing interest rates on small savings – PPF and KVPs – is yet another assault by the Modi government on hardworking middle-class people… This government has failed farmers, failed the poor and now it’s failing the middle class. Modiji, people are seeing through your event management politics!”

Rahul expressed his disappointment in a series of tweets that said:


Earlier too, Congress had called government’s many financial decision as “criminal breach” of trust of helpless citizens and called them out for “fleecing” the poor.



They have now called government’s move on the PPF as “robbing money by snatching it from unsuspecting individuals.”

It must be noted that the new reduction of 60 basis points is among the sharpest in 15 years as 100 basis points is equal a percentage point in PPF ratings.