Congress Workers Took Revenge On Rishi Kapoor’s Statement Against Gandhi Family

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Updated on 22 Jun, 2016 at 6:41 pm


Social media is a platform where people express their thoughts. Some people misuse this platform and some make their point. On Twitter recently, veteran Bollywood actor, Rishi Kapoor, made a point a lot of us might not have thought of.


In a series of tweets he tried to open people’s eyes and showed displeasure about the chief assets of their country being named after the Gandhi clan.


Seems as if Congress workers in Allahbad didn’t like Rishi Kapoor targeting the Gandhis. They seem to be of the opinion that since independence the Gandhi clan is the only one to have contributed to the country’s development and not any actor, cricketer or someone else. Therefore, naming the country’s assets after them is correct.

They didn’t respond to Rishi Kapoor’s tweet on any social media platform. Instead, they did something in their style.

They have inaugurated a public toilet made by the Nagar Nigam in Bahadurganj’s Shivaji Park and named it the “Rishi Kapoor Public Toilet”!




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