Picture of Congress Leaders Having ‘Chole Bhature’ Just Before Fast Goes Viral

5:55 pm 9 Apr, 2018


Congress president Rahul Gandhi observed a day’s fast at Rajghat in Delhi to “promote communal harmony.” His protest was also “against caste violence” that stirred the nation on April 2 during the Bharat bandh called by the Dalit organizations.


However, it turned into an embarrassment for the party, as images have been released on social media of them eating ‘chhole bhature’ before beginning their protest. The image was tweeted by BJP’s Harish Khurana along with a caption:

वहाँ रे हमारे कांग्रिस के नेता,लोगों को राज घाट पर अनशन के लिए बुलाया है और ख़ुद एक रेस्तराँ में बैठ कर छोले भटूरे के मज़े ले रहे हो ।


सही बेफ़क़ूफ बनाते हो ।

(Our Congress leaders have called people for a fast there at Rajghat and here at a restaurant they are feasting on Chhole and Bhature. They have really pulled a fast one on the people)

Here is the tweet:



Quite expectedly, BJP supporters and Congress haters didn’t waste any time in sharing their thoughts. Here are some of the tweets.







In an act of defense, Congress’s AS Lovely said that the picture was taken at 8 AM which was well before starting of the protest. Here’s the tweet:


This comment again erupted a volcano of comments from the Tweeple:







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