Now Congress Says That ‘If Kerala Is Somalia, Then Gujarat Worse Than Afghanistan’

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12:23 pm 13 May, 2016


Hitting back at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his “Kerala is Somalia” remark, senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh on May 12 said, “If Kerala is Somalia, then Gujarat is probably worse than Afghanistan.”

PM Modi recently said that the child death ratio among STs in Kerala was worse than Somalia.

The comment had created a stir among political leaders and the public alike.



While many Twitterati’s trolled PM Modi for his comment, Congress leaders were furious by his accusation.




Jairam Ramesh claimed that even “Bangladesh fared better than Gujarat on several social indicators”.

He added:

“This is an outrageous comment to me. It is an insult to all Keralites, insult to all Indians because today the quality of life and social indicators of Kerala are better than most countries in the world, including the US.”

He then concluded by adding that the PM was known to make “outrageous statements which are blatantly false”.