In 2004, Congress Led UPA Government Hired Pakistan’s ICJ Lawyer, Khawar Qureshi

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3:50 pm 20 May, 2017

The UPA government led by Congress had, in 2004, overlooked all the Indian lawyers and hired Khawar Qureshi, a UK lawyer of Pakistani origin to represent India at the International Court of Justice for the Dabhol power project case.

Wion News reports that Qureshi was recommended by Fox Mandal, a law firm, for this case in which Enron had claimed 6 billion US Dollars against the Indian government. On being elected to power in 2004, Congress changed the entire legal team of the case and appointed Khawar Qureshi.


This decision of the then government is defended strongly by Congress national spokesperson, Dr. Abhishek Manu Sanghvi, saying that Qureshi is an independent barrister and that Pakistan also engages Indian lawyers.

Qureshi represented Pakistan, arguing against India for Kulbhshan Jadhav’s case at the ICJ. The lawyer has termed India’s claims about Jadhav’s sentence as “far-fetched”.

However, according to reports, Qureshi is now under fire for his “weak” argument at the ICJ which led the court to issue an order in India’s favor. Charges are being hurled at him in Pakistan as he was paid a fee of 5 crore for Kulbhushan Jadhav case by Pakistan but still lost.

Qureshi is also being criticized for charging such an exorbitant fee for the Jadhav case, especially when Indian lawyer Harish Salve charged just 1 rupee for the same case as a gesture of his commitment to the nation. Reportedly, Qureshi, who left many loopholes in his arguments in the case calls the references to his fees as a “complete fabrication of India Twitterati and Indian nationals”.



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