Congress Shamelessly Used The ‘Face Of Gujarat Riots’ To Win Muslim Voters In Assam

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12:09 pm 12 Apr, 2016

While mud-slinging and profanities are now quite common during the hustings, the Congress has got down to something even dirtier to lure a section of the voters in poll-bound Assam.

This is what the Congress published in the papers in Assam on April 11, the final phase in the two-phase elections in the state.


It is the face of Gujarat Riots – Qutubuddin Ansari. The message in the ad reads: “Is Modi’s Gujarat only about progress?”

It ominously hints at what Modi baiters call the Gujarat Pogrom.


Qutubuddin Ansari is now a tailor working in Gujarat. BBC

Qutubuddin Ansari is now a tailor working in Gujarat. BBC

The ad invokes a sense of fear among the voters in Assam – over 33 per cent of which are Muslims – urging them to vote for Congress if they do not want Assam to be another Gujarat.

The ad also points a finger at Modi himself, whose name was cleared by a court.

Since the BJP has been able to gain some ground in Assam using the development plank, the Congress is trying to capitalize on a deplorable chapter in India’s history.

Ansari was just 29 when he was photographed during the riots propelling him to heights he himself never wanted to be.


The unforgettable face in the defining photo.

The unforgettable face in the defining photo.

Speaking to TOI, a now 43-year-old Ansari, who works as a tailor, said that he is miffed at the manner political parties have been using his picture for their campaigns.

Ansari said that such actions makes his own life difficult as some might think he himself allows the use of that defining photograph of his.

The photo was taken by Arko Datta in 2002, when Ansari was pleading to a RAF contingent to save his and his pregnant wife’s lives.


What do you think about this attempt by the Congress to lure Muslim voters?

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