This Is How The Congress Cadres Allegedly Treated A Poor Farmer And Twitterati Can’t Help But React

4:58 pm 2 Jun, 2018


On May 31, Indian National Congress observed a nationwide protest against the rising fuel prices. Under the leadership of party president Rahul Gandhi, they protested against the ‘failure’ of the Narendra Modi government. Furthermore, Punjab Congress sought Rs 100/ quintal bonus for the paddy growers under the claim that the diesel prices are putting an excessive financial burden. Days after the protest, a user came out with a video claiming this is how the Congress cadres behave. Expectedly, the video went viral.

In the video, it can be seen that a person riding with milk containers is stopped by a group of men.


Congress Cadres Allegedly Treated A Poor Farmer badly 1



They start emptying the milk-filled containers into the road. The man kept pleading for them to stop but the pleas fell on deaf ears.


Congress Cadres Allegedly Treated A Poor Farmer badly 2


A Twitter user posted the video with the caption, ‘Shame on Congress cadres. They snatched the Milk Containers from poor Farmer & Pour the milk on road.’ Here’s the post:


It infuriated the Twitterati and soon they started posting their comments. Whereas some condemned the act, others called out Indian National Congress president Rahul Gandhi on his incompetence. Here’s what they tweeted:











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