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Congress Wished BJP A Happy Valentine’s Day In A Unique Way

Published on 15 February, 2019 at 7:27 pm By

The rivalry between the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party is way too old. The two parties have always been at loggerheads when it comes to issues of political relevance. While the Congress has never taken BJP’s support, the saffron party has always, and consistently, opposed India’s grand old party. Time and again, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has severely criticised the Congress for practising dynasty politics.


BJP chief Amit Shah recently targeted the Congress with regard to the entry of Priyanka Gandhi to political life, claiming that the grand old party has turned into 3G from 2G, “which would only ensure more corruption in the future”.



At regular intervals both the parties keep on entertaining us with sarcastic digs. Something similar happened during Valentine’s Day. On the occasion, Congress wished BJP  by posting posted various tweets. The party shared them on its official Twitter handle.

The thread had caricatures of six politicians — Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP president Amit Shah, Railways minister Piyush Goyal, Defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath, and Textile minister Smriti Irani. The caricatures were accompanied with funny punch lines. Check out them:


Narendra Modi



The first card had an image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi dressed as a chowkidar. He was depicted as saying “Are you Anil Ambani? Because I want to be your chowkidar!”



Nirmala Sitharaman


The Congress appreciated defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman for ‘saying it best when she says nothing at all.’ The party has accused her for being a silent spectator in the Rafale deal.



Amit Shah


The Congress called Amit Shah a “player.”



Yogi Adityanath


Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is known to change the name of places. So, the tweet read:



Piyush Goyal


The party trolled Union Minister Piyush Goyal’s gaffe saying “Are you a high-speed train? coz in my head, you’re moving at 2x speed” line.



Smriti Irani


The caption read “Are you a degree from Yale? Because I want you!”




Recently, Amit Shah said that the Prime Minister’s post was reserved ‘by birth’ in the Congress party. He said that ‘since brother (Rahul Gandhi) is not married’, sister (Priyanka Gandhi) has entered politics’. What are your views about these funny memes?

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