17 Tips To Help Men Avoid Conflicts Between Mothers And Wives

Updated on 4 Nov, 2015 at 11:59 am


We all know ‘Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ – thanks to Ekta Kapoor. What about the beta who is sometimes torn between the mother-in-law v/s daughter-in-law conflicts? How can he prevent his life from turning to hell and go back home peacefully? Not easy, but let us not give up yet and try out few methods which may actually work.


1. Create a tunnel between your ears through which words can enter and exit without touching your brain.

This way you can easily listen to both parties without going crazy.


Mother-wife conflict


2. Do not try to find out truth. There isn’t one.

Mother-wife conflict


3. Don’t put down either one of them. Make sure they both receive your affection.

Mother-wife conflict


4. Don’t ever tell your wife that your mother criticized her behind her back.

Follow this rule of thumb vice versa.


5. Assure your mother that you have not changed towards her just because you got married.

You will always be her son.


6. Your wife has left her parents to live with you and create a family. That does not mean she loves or respects her parents lesser than you do.

Stop your mom from criticizing her parents or upbringing.


7. Do not sacrifice your marital bliss to please your family.

If your wife wants to go on a honeymoon, you should go and enjoy the trip with her. If you allow your mom to meddle here, your married life is ruined before it begins.


8. Don’t ever hold a court and try to be the judge.

You will be hanged for sure.


9. Do not allow either to push the other to the limits with constant criticism and nagging.

Know where to draw a line.


10. Explain to your wife that by being a part of your life, she has to be a part of your traditions to some extent.

Do the same for her.


11. If your wife has gone to her parents against your mom’s wishes, help your mom in the kitchen and listen to her rants.


12. Allow them to resolve their issues in their own ways if they are capable of it.

Don’t jump in if you can avoid being caught in their battle.


13. Do not underestimate the power of your father.

He can help you out with his own experience.


14. Don’t let your mother interfere in the intimacy you share with your wife.


15. Sometimes ignore their pleas to justify their actions.


16. Make sure your wife knows that she is important to you and that you will be with her forever.

17. Appreciate the moments of peace and quiet.

Hunting wouldn’t be so popular if men had not found fighting the beasts easier than coping with the conflicts between moms and wives. Yet with right balancing act, you may achieve eternal bliss in your home.