The Bizarre Trend Of Condom Snorting Has Taken The Teens In US By Storm

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6:03 pm 9 Apr, 2018


To get a few hundred likes, views and subscribers on social media, teens these days can go to any extent. From the infamous ‘duct tape challenge’ to ‘vampire biting’, these trends have nothing more than health hazards and have become immensely dangerous.



Now, the teens in the US have taken to ‘condom snorting’. Although, this trend has become viral now, a doctor in the US said that this has been here since 2007. In this challenges, a person has to snort in an unwrapped condom through his nose and pull it out from his mouth live.




Dr. Robert Glatter, an emergency physician in the US said:

“It’s been a point of discussion that all these challenges are something that they want to be able to complete, but I think it’s foolish because it’s really dangerous. Condoms can be a choking hazard or can cause appendicitis if swallowed. They can cause an allergic reaction, and it’s largely possible that nasal passages or sinuses could get infected because nothing but air is supposed to pass through them.”



Cautioning the teens who are taking part in this trending challenge, Dr Glatter commented:

“This just doesn’t belong in your mouth or in your nose. It’s used during sexual intercourse and that’s it. We really need to speak to children and warn them about the risks of these challenges that they think are proving their worth.”




This challenges started gaining momentum in 2013 when a woman uploaded her video of snorting a condom to Taylor Swift’s hit song ’22’. Since then the American hospitals have received multiple cases of condom snorting and are educating the school children against taking part in such a challenge or other dangerous challenges like tide pod challenge.