These 7 Companies Own Almost All The Beauty Product Brands You Can Think Of

Updated on 13 Jul, 2017 at 1:57 pm


When it comes to beauty and skincare, we are quite particular about what touches our skin. We stay loyal to a brand and swear by the amazing result it shows. Lakme, Mac, or The Body Shop for beauty, Johnson’s for kids, Gillette and Axe for men’s care, etc. are some of the most popular and go-to brands in our country.

Do you think preferring one brand over another is a choice that you exercise? In a way, maybe yes, but almost all the brands that you know are sub-brands of bigger conglomerates. There are 7 umbrella companies which own 182 beauty companies. Our idea of beauty and the standards are heavily influenced by these mega-companies.

Here’s a look at these 7 giants:

Estée Lauder


Your classy lipsticks from MAC and Bobbi Brown are a part of this company. 24 beauty brands are held by the conglomerate.



Do you think that The Body Shop has more natural products than Garnier? Well, here comes the news flash, both of these are owned by L’Oréal.



Dove, Vaseline, Fair & Lovely, Sunsilk, Clinic Plus, you think of any popular family brand in India and you’ll find it under Unilever’s umbrella.


Procter & Gamble

Popularly known as P&G, Procter & Gamble owns some big names, such as Head & Shoulders, Olay, Pantene, and Gillette.



With many celebrity brands under its blanket such as Beyoncé, Katty Perry, and David Beckham, the company is the new leader.



It is a Japanese corporation that owns names such as bareMinerals, Elixir, Majolica Majorca, etc.


Johnson & Johnson

With the population around 1.3 billion, it is impossible for Indians to not know Johnson & Johnson. It is a household name and owns Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Johnson’s, etc.



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