Not Only Amazon, These Companies In India Are Also Doing Things Differently To Improve Work Culture

8:30 am 21 Aug, 2018


In a leaked note, head of Amazon India, Amit Agarwal has asked his employees to stop responding to emails and work calls between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. in order to promote a work-life harmony for the Amazon employees in India. While Amazon India is trying to foster a better lifestyle for its employees, it is not the first company in India to provide such perks and benefits to its employees for a stress-free work environment. There are many companies in India which provide a friendly ambiance to their employees in order to churn out the best of their efforts.

Indeed, there are many companies in India that go out of their ways to make the workplace comfortable and enjoyable for their employees. In order to strike a good balance between professional and personal life, these companies provide numerous benefits for the overall development of their employees.




From the coolest perks like gym facilities to the quirkiest personal training techniques, these companies in India win the award for providing the best work-friendly environment to their employees. Take a look:



This Delhi-NCR based consulting company has been in the business for more than two decades and it is already in the news for providing the best perks and incentives to its employees. It has become one of the best and most popular companies to work in India with the coolest initiatives like child psychology, parenting, self-defense classes, health benefits, photography club, painting classes, acting workshops, movie-making workshops, Zumba lessons, sports tournaments and many more.


2. Google India



Google India’s headquarters in Hyderabad can definitely give a run for the money to most of its western offices. Apparently, the employees of Google India have also expressed their excitement about working in its offices. They say that the ambiance in the office is so comfortable that they don’t feel like leaving the office past working hours. After all, with benefits like flexible work schedule, recreational activities, a fully equipped gym, sleep pods for a quick nap, and an excellent cafeteria who would want to leave the office and go back home.

3. American Express India


American Express India’s work environment is truly employee-centric. With due importance given to the work-life balance, there are multiple opportunities for the employees to learn and enhance their skills. Not only this, their attempts have promoted the use of public transportation and reduction in pollution as well. AmEx organizes several fun-filled activities for their employees in order to inculcate a cultural and healthy organization. Apart from this, they also take care of the physical and mental health of the employees by regularly organizing fitness camps in the companies.

4. Marriott Hotels


Interestingly, Marriott regards the people working there as ‘associates’ and not employees. One of the best hotel chains in the country, Marriott has not only won the hearts of its guests but also of their associates. With benefits like staff discounts and health facilities, they are surely taking the best care of their employees. And if this does not sound enough to you, they allow their staff members to have a meal for six or a stay at the hotels on their birthdays. Now that’s some hospitality!

5. Intuit Inc.


One of the most powerful software technology companies in India, Intuit Inc., has a highly diverse workforce and a workplace environment that values and respects the gender differences. Apparently, Intuit is one of the first companies in India to discuss on the LGBT issues. Popularly known as the Pride Network, the company supports women to remain at work even after a career break. Moreover, the employees at Intuit are given best incentives at work including interesting programs like action learning and coaching to develop their talents.

6. Wipro


With a carefree workplace allowing professional and personal development, Wipro is one of the best companies in India where people can work without any work stress. From benefits like paid holidays, maternity benefits, counseling sessions and other incentives, Wipro is taking all the necessary steps to keep their employees happy and sound. The employees can choose their way of life at Wipro. Sit back, relax and enjoy at work with the coolest bosses at Wipro India.

7. Bharti Airtel


Airtel strives to create a diverse workforce providing special care for the women employees. While ensuring a family-friendly work environment, Airtel allows the employees to opt for flexible work timings, work from home and remote location, even part-time work options. Other benefits include daycare facilities for the kids of employees, grocery shopping centers, fitness and spa centers and even 6 months leave for personal and educational purposes. Such an accommodating work environment helps the employees in giving the most efficient and effective output.

8. Godrej Consumer Products


This century-old company has made it the list of Top 10 companies in India and all for all the right reasons. It is not just the strong brand appeal of the company that attracts the people, it also has the top-notch employee benefits that have made the company reach the top place. The company also organizes frequent discussions by doctors for catering to the health and lifestyle issues of their employees, especially women employees. Flexible working hours help in maintaining a balance between things for the employees. A robust talent management process to groom high potential women talent.

9. Sap Labs India



Sap Labs in one of the most successful companies in India that have taken the best initiatives to keep its employees happy at work with options like flexible work hours, health care policies, and paid maternity leaves. Women are even offered cab transportation during and post pregnancy. Not just this, SAP has 22 interest groups in the company, each catering to specialized areas like drama, dance, music, and art so that the employees can pursue their interests while working at the office. They even allow the employees to work from home and do part-time work also.

10. Intel Technology


Intel Technology is a wonderful place to work for in India. With the opportunity to move across technologies, Intel provides the best benefits to its employees. Most of the employees at Intel are given two major bonus programs in a year with medical coverage programs. Free transportation, excellent appraisal, and great colleagues are just a few of the incentives which are allowing the employees to stay happy and satisfied at work at Intel. Not to forget, basketball, volleyball, and fitness centers are other things that keep its workforce healthy.

So when are you quitting your job and applying for jobs at these best employee-friendly companies in India?