16 Of The Most Common Sexual Fantasies Of Both Men And Women

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Updated on 19 Feb, 2018 at 4:59 pm

Many of us may think of sexual fantasies are dirty or immoral daydreams but as it turns out, sexual fantasies are perfectly normal and even healthy as long as they don’t become obsessions that take over your life. Scientists, and everybody else, have long been curious about what exactly other people’s fantasies are made up of. A number of studies have been done to determine that and they revealed that men have more fantasies and a stronger desire to turn their fantasies into reality than women. In studies, they also described their fantasies more vividly than women.

Here are some of the most common sexual fantasies:


1. A high number of men and women like to feel romantic emotions during sex and like to fantasize about receiving oral sex.


2. Both men and women have fantasies about group sex. Most men admitted to wanting a more active (rather than passive) role during the group sex.


3. Women fantasize about having sex in a certain location way more than men. This means that women are more focused on the setting in their fantasies.


4. Men fantasize about watching their partners having sex with other people. Women do not fantasize about their mates having sex with anyone else.


5. More men than women fantasize about having sex with people that they aren’t in romantic or sexual relationships with.


6. It is a common male fantasy to have a threesome with two women or to watch two women having sex.


7. More women than men showed an interest in fantasizing about being dominated. While more men admitted to fantasizing about tying someone up to obtain sexual pleasure.


8. Up to 62% women have rape fantasies, but it should be noted that the ‘rapists’ in such fantasies are attractive, desirable, driven by desire for the woman and are able to make her orgasm.

While many women did admit to having rape fantasies, most of them specified that they would not want their fantasies to become a reality.


9. Watching someone undress without him or her knowing about it is a very common fantasy with men. Only a small percentage of women fantasize about being peeping toms.


10. Women who have rape fantasies also fantasize about overpowering/forcing a man to have sex against his will.


11. When it comes to interracial sex, way more men than women admitted to having fantasized about having sex with someone from another race.


12. More men than women fantasize about having sex with someone much younger than them.


13. More women than men think about having sex with more than three people – both men and women. While in male fantasies that involve more than three people, all other partners are female.


14. In a study, one in five women stated that their top sexual fantasy involves having sex with a colleague/superior, followed by exes and neighbors.


15. Many women also fantasize about having sex with a friend of their partner’s.


16. Both sexes fantasize about having sex with a complete stranger, indicating that risk and thrill are important to both sexes.


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