10 Common Premenstrual Syndrome Problems That Most Women Face

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10:00 am 15 Sep, 2015

PMS or Premenstrual syndrome is common to all women before they have their periods. While menstruation has its own cons for them, PMS is something that comes as a warning signal for the same. So what are the most problematic aspects of PMS, which are dealt with quite courage by our adorably perfectionist clan?

1. Low energy

Fatigue is the most obvious symptom of Premenstrual Syndrome. You get tired just taking a few steps. Breathlessness takes a new level while performing simple daily chores. Lack of energy is a sign that you need a little more rest in the days to come.


2. Mood swings

This is a difficult one for others to handle. You will be all chirpy and happy at one time and in the next second, the devil inside you wakes up without making you realize its effects on others. You can cry and laugh at the same time without getting a hint of what is actually happening to you.


3. Cramps

Physical challenges are not just limited to tiredness. Body aches become active before your periods start. If you feel that your back is losing its grip or your leg muscles are tightening up, it’s time that you get ready for the difficult days of the month.


4. Beauty issues

Acne and pimples become prominent and destroy your outdoor life. You will have them on the most strategic and visible parts of your face and they don’t lose that area for a week or more. Apart from acne, some black patches may also appear on your body.


5. Change of taste

Everything becomes tasteless when you are pms-ing. Sugar, salt, lemon all taste the same. Your taste-buds become numb to most of the eatables. They may even give you opposite tastes for some dishes. Craving for some usually unlikeable things is also evident while pms-ing.


6. Tongue twisters

You want to be nice to people and say all good things but instead, your tongue sets out the harshest of words at a speed unknown to your normal being. Frustration and irritability of pre-menstrual syndrome is the main reason behind this behaviour.


7. Forgetfulness

Walking down the road, you meet an old friend but all you remember is her face and not the name. You keep your things somewhere and can’t remember where you kept them. Forgetting things, names, conversations, etc. is another pms-ing problem faced by women.


8. Over-sensitivity

However strong you may be on the other days of the month, your pms-ing days are extremely weak and sensitive for you. Women become highly vulnerable to any kind of emotional breakdown. So, men should be very careful while dealing with such super-sensitive ladies.


9. Sleep troubles

When your nights become sleepless or you wake up quite a lot of times in the middle of the night, you are probably going to get the menstrual trouble soon. PMS will prevent you from experiencing sound sleep for some days which is one of the reasons behind your irritable attitude.


10. Unreasonable crying spells

Women cry all the time while pms-ing. Crying spells can occur anytime at anything, pleasant or unpleasant. Sometimes women cry for no reason at all. Blame their hormones ‘cause they don’t mean to wet your shoulders but that’s how they release the turmoil going inside them.


Pre-menstrual Syndrome can take a toll on the daily life of a woman. It is like a monster waiting to burst out through the body of a woman after every 28 days. Just as periods and their problems are uncontrollable, we cannot stop or prevent the PMS problems that come in as a warning sign for the same.



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