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19 Common Dreams That Mean Much More Than You Think

Updated on 20 September, 2019 at 12:11 pm By

We spend 90% of our sleep time in dreaming. Our subconscious mind is awake blending real images and fantasy colors on canvas. We often underestimate them as craft work of our idle brain. But the truth be told, they always mean something. Underneath our waking life, lies our subconscious brain hammering pictures and thoughts of our deepest self. The past, present and future, all collide at this level and give a voice to our emotions and vulnerabilities. They are a reflection of our life as it is and as it can be. Read on to decode some common dreams which always seek to tell us something..

1. Water


Water is a symbol of your emotional state. If the water is stormy or muddy in your dream, this is a warning not to get involved in new endeavors. If it’s a blue ocean, you are calm and content with your life. Waterfalls suggest resurfacing of latent emotions.



2. Falling

It’s the one of the most common dreams and is a way to alert the dreamer to take things under control in their waking life. On the contrary, a slow falling suggests tranquility and the act of letting go.



3. Nudity


This kind of a dream is figurative of vulnerability and anxiety. Maybe you’ve got new work or you’re coming more into public view. Most of the time, it asks you to not lose yourself to superfluity and become liberated in your thoughts.


4. Broken teeth

Sometimes you could dream of your teeth falling, crumbling or just missing. Teeth stands for confidence and power. A dream like this means that you need to gain back power and feel worthy of yourself in an area of your life.



5. Ladder

Ladders are symbolic of many different things. An ascending ladder symbolizes growth or promotion. Climbing down a ladder asks you to consider your spiritual powers more seriously. Rungs of the ladder are symbolic of spiritual awareness and alternative perspective. A broken ladder is asking you to be careful in your endeavors due to the hindrances present. If you still able to reach the top, it means you will achieve your goals no matter what.

6. Forest

A dense forest means abundance and happiness. Deciduous forests indicate big changes. A dream about being lost in the forest could mean that the dreamer is heading down the wrong path and needs to alter his course soon. If you find yourself calmly walking there, it indicates meeting a soul mate.


7. School

Dreaming of school even in adulthood is not abnormal. You might wake up the next morning wondering WHY. Well, high schools symbolize friendships and your interpersonal skills. Old classmates can indicate drawing old associations in your current situations. Classrooms asks you to learn an important life lesson. A destroyed school tells you to stop focusing on the past and move forward in life.


8.Test taking

It’s usually associated with work or stress. You can be a perfectionist if you witness such dreams. Your brain is asking you to slow down a little.


9. Baby

A baby represents novelty and new beginnings. It might be a new idea, new project at work, new development or the potential for growth in a specific area of your waking life. A smiling baby symbolizes pure joy. Seeing yourself as a baby speaks of your desire to be cared for. Alternatively, it may mean you should stop behaving immaturely.


10. Death

Dreaming of death is not necessarily a downcast. It reveals the desire of termination of something not serving you well: a relationship,a career path, or your past. It encourages you to start afresh. Dreaming of the death of a loved one just means their withdrawal of support from your life.



11. Celebrity

Celebrities appearing in your dream can be fun yet shocking. Dreaming of your favorite celebrity represent the manner in which you desire a life situation to happen considering your behavior when you think of them. They also indicate a person’d need of recognition in his waking life.



12.Being chased

However daunting this dream may feel, it is a positive sign. It motivates the dreamer to finally address an issue that has been impending for long. Don’t ignore these problems as they will eventually catch up with you.


13. Flying

If you see yourself as flying in your dreams, it means you are being asked to let go of certain things and allow them to just take their natural course.


14. Losing control while driving

There are times when you dream of losing control while you’re behind the steering whee. Literally, it signifies lacking enough control over things detrimental to your success. It suggests you weed out a toxic habit keeping you away from your goals.



15. Flowers

Flowers are fragile and transitory. They represent growth and development when blossoming. Withered flowers indicate closing of a chapter or passing of a season. Flowers also indicate health conditions and are influential in healing powers.


16. Darkness

Dreaming of darkness can be quite eerie. But if you notice sun breaking your darkness, it’s a sign that you will overcome your failures eventually. Wandering around in darkness indicates lack of sources to reach your conclusion. Getting lost in darkness is synonymous with feelings of depression and insecurity.

17. Mountains

Mountains are rugged and unmovable. If you’ve conquered them in your dreams, it gives you a feeling of achievement. Watching the landscape standing atop, symbolizes reviewing your life without any prejudice. Climbing it implies learning new skills, whereas moving down suggests taking a second opinion. A mountain range is a symbol of fiery adventure and indicates expansion in life.


18. Snakes

Those who’ve dreamt of snakes, often wake up feeling sweaty. Recurring dreams of snakes is just a way of your subconsciousness to tell you to overcome your fear of intimacy or commitment. It may also suggest the presence of a a person around you who is sly and untrustworthy. Positively, it symbolizes healing and wisdom.


19. Anything or anyone old

Seeing yourself as old souls implies that you are making wise decisions in your life. Many times, however, it may refer to your rigid behavior. To see something old in your dream suggests that there is something in your life that you needs to be replaced. Presence of an old man represents that the soul of the dreamer is near a big, cleaning strength.




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