8 Movies That Prove Mehmood Was A Comedy Genius

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Updated on 24 Jan, 2015 at 4:16 pm


Mehmood was the only actor for whom the audience came to the theatre before the movie started. His huge fan following spoke of his dedication and talent. He was able to carve a niche for himself, which has made him be remembered as an artist who not only introduced himself in the industry but gave a platform for many upcoming actors. He was and is the ‘King of Comedy’ undoubtedly, but he was also the ‘King of Hearts’.

We bring some of his movies that established him as a comic star and is the guide for many others who wish to step into his shoes someday.

8. Master Pillai in ‘Padosan’

Mehmood portrayed the role of a south Indian classical music teacher in love with his student, played by Saira Banu, who also happens to be the love interest of Sunil Dutt. From here starts the fight for the beauty. The hilarious combination of south Indian get-up and accent made ‘Masterji’, (played by Mehmood) go down the history lane as a remarkable performance by an actor.


Mehmood in padosan


7. The timid lover Mohan Kumar in ‘Bhoot Bangla’

This movie falls in the comedy-horror film genre. Directed by Mehmood , this movie had Tanuja and him as the lead pair. It is said that the movie paved his entry into the film industry and helped him carve a position for himself, thus succeeding Johny Walker.

Mehemood in bhoot bangla


6. Conductor Khanna in ‘Bombay to Goa’

Mehmood’s role of a conductor named Khanna makes the journey from Bombay to Goa extremely thrilling and engulfing for the audience.

mehemood bombay to goa


5. Mahesh in ‘Love in Tokyo’

This movie is the movie of Mehmood’s where his pairing with Shobha Khote was loved to the core. Their comic timing and perfect match was like ‘sone pe suhaga’. Though the story revolved around the love blossoming between Asha Parekh and Joy Mukherjee, the fillers brought by Mehmood were rib-tickling and a wonderment to watch.

mehmood Love in Tokyo


4. Raheem of the duo ‘Johar Mehmood in Goa’

One of the lesserer know movie of his is ‘Johar Mehmood in Goa’, released in the year 1966, a sleeper hit. He was not just a comedian in this movie, but a main lead around whom the story revolved. Along with I S Johar, he presented on screen a combination of subtle humour with impeccable comic timing.

Johar Mehmood in Goa


3. Atma of ‘Pyaar Kiye Jaa’

No, that was his name! This movie has that iconic scene where Mehmood’s character is narrating a ghost story to his father, played by Om Prakash. The hilarious manner in which Mehmood makes the funny scary sounds stands inimitable to this day.

mehmood in Pyaar Kiye Jaa


2. The mysterious butler in ‘Gumnaam’

Remembered for two things, the song “Gumnaam hain koi” and Mehmood’s role of a south Indian butler, this movie was one of the biggest hits in Mehmood’s career. Mehmood was nominated in the Filmfare award for the ‘Best supporting actor’ category. It goes without mentioning that the superhit song ‘hum kaale hain toh kya hua’ turned out to be a hit number and still loved for the unmatched dancing style.

mehmood in Gumnaam


1. Pavitra Kumar Rai in ‘Do Phool’

This movie released in 1973 was a comedy film starring Vinod Mehra and Ashok Kumar alongside Mehmood. Who can forget the popular song ‘Muthukudi Kawadi Hada‘, performed by him?

mehmood in Do Phool