20 Great Comedians Who Had Us In Splits In 100 Years Of Bollywood

10:00 am 19 Feb, 2015


Bollywood has seen its share of superstars, tragic kings, king of romance, item girls who have entertained the moviegoers for years. Among this milieu emerged those comedians who had us in splits. From being a tiny part in the plot, they went on to be the star attraction for many movies.

1. Bhagwan Dada

He was the first comedian of Bollywood to be noticed and respected. He shined in the roles of simpletons.

Bhagwan Dada

2. Johnny Walker


He took Bollywood comedy to its peak with his versatile talent through which he entertained movie goers for more than 300 films.

johnny Walker

3. Mehmood

A renowned actor, singer, director and producer best known for playing comic roles, he pulled of playing hero in some films as well.


4. Asrani

For nearly five decades, he has entertained audience with his energy ridden performance which bring the screen alive.


5. Om Prakash

Now here is a comedian who did not have to do anything to make you laugh. His mere presence was enough to create a jovial atmosphere.


6. Jagdeep

There was a time when people thronged to the theaters to see Jagdeep’s comedy with his supple facial expressions. He did not fail to entertain audiences in any of his 300 movies.


7. Kishore Kumar

Golden voice was not all that he had, as proven by the comedy roles he shone in.

Kishore Kumar

8. Kader Khan

Kader Khan has stood out among comedians with his distinguished comedy, spiced with his wisdom.


9. Shakti Kapoor

He could slip into the role of villain or comedian with such ease that he ended up being two-in-one in many films. He made a great team with Kader Khan.

Shakti Kapoor

10. Amitabh Bacchan

Though he captured hearts with his angry young man roles, no one can deny that he excelled in comedies. He has pulled off unforgettable performances as a funny man.

Amitabh Bacchan

11. Anupam Kher

It is surprising to notice how easily this great actor, who won the Filmfare best actor for the serious role he played in Saraansh, won the award for comedian as well in the film Ram Lakhan, which was followed by five more awards in coming years.

Anupam Kher

12. Javed Jaffery

Talent for comedy is something he inherited from his father, Jagdeep. We will never know how he learned to dance like that!

Javed Jaffery

13. Govinda

From a soft romantic hero, Govinda made splash as a raunchy comedian in later years. He brought in the khatiya comedy in Hindi cinema.


14. Rajpal Yadav

Starting his career as Mungerilal of small screen, Rajpal Yadav has gone on to shine as a prolific comedian in Hindi films in recent years.

Rajpal Yadav

15. Boman Irani

The genius he is, Boman Irani took Bollywood comedy a notch higher.

Boman Irani

16. Akshay Kumar

Once he landed in comedies, there was looking back for this khiladi.

Akshay Kumar

17. Arshad Warsi

Though we will remember him always for his amazing portrayal of Circuit, there is no denying other important roles he played in Hindi cinema.

Arshad Warsi

18. Vijay Raaz

We remember nothing about the film Run other than the kawwa biryani and a great role pulled off by Vijay Raaz.

Vijay Raaz

19. Johnny Lever

13 nominations and 2 Filmfare best comedian awards do not actually sum up the great talent of Johnny Lever that can make you laugh your head off!

Johnny Lever

20. Paresh Rawal

There is nothing beyond the comedy of Paresh Rawal. Period.


Paresh Ravel

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