This Comedian Brilliantly Describes His Take On Delhi Pollution, Makes Us Believe About Our New Superpowers

1:43 pm 15 May, 2018

People in Delhi have evolved! They are now having such superpowers, which are making  their survival possible in the city that is always surrounded by the clouds of heavy pollution! This is what comedian Mayank Pandey is highlighting in his new video titled “Delhi People Have Superpowers”! It is almost difficult to realize the fact that the capital of India is no more a safe zone to live. The reason being the highly toxic air that people of Delhi live in. So now when people have already accepted the idea of ‘smoking 50 cigarettes a day’, Mayank’s hilarious take on ‘strict measures’ by the government is a hard hitting reminder of the same!


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In his first half of the video, the comedian throws light on how people have found their ways to survive when the pollution levels in the city crossed the ‘danger’ mark. Playfully, he also explored the different ideas about ‘what to do with a pollution mask’! Whereas, in the second part of the video, the comedian prudently comprehends his thoughts on being a ‘Delhiite’ and what makes ‘Delhiites’ different from people living in different parts of the country including Mumbai and Chennai.


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In the video, the expression that over a period of time, people in Delhi have evolved and become immune to everything, even a ‘catastrophe’, is something one can completely relate to. After all, this is about us ‘being the born roadies‘ and no ‘Delhiite‘ can ever deny the fact.


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Here is the video which is now being shared widely on the internet. Take a minute to laugh out loud and burn the stress.



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